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I have been in Operations for three decades plus. I started managing operations of 50 individuals and peaked with a team that was 15,000 strong. In the different roles, I have been able to work on the East Coast, the West Coast, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.


As my career grew, so did mentoring opportunities. In the process, I became disillusioned when some mentees would consume my time but not work on their plans. I was too busy to have my time squandered for someone to just “rub shoulders” with me.


As I reflected on people, I realized that there are three types of people:



We all fit into this category at some point in our life and unfortunately some never really exit this stage. We wish forwards for the great things and because we fail to take concrete action to accomplish our goals we end up later in life wishing backwards for the things we should of, could of done.



People who make some progress, but dabble in one field/job - and another - and another not fully realizing their true potential with a focused strategy.


So who are the ones that succeed?


Water is ubiquitous but we take it for granted. It gives physical life, carries mighty ships and carves grand canyon’s. The ones who succeed are the ones who can wash away the obstacles in life.


Washers are the ones who have the fortitude, plan and burning desire to wash away the obstacles, giving life to their ideas and dreams!


Recognizing that the mind is the most powerful motivator (or inhibitor) for the things we accomplish in life my book Wisher, Washer, Wishy Washy is the genesis of Positive Psyche. I wanted to make a difference bringing a positive can-do mindset to the market where EVERYONE can live and work to their greatest potential. I left the safety and comfort of a Fortune 100 company, to run my own company, and now our growing team stands ready to complement your team.


Rick Ruiz

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If you have ever had the pleasure to meet Rick Ruiz in person you are immediately struck by the intriguing “twinkle” in his eyes — like he knows something you don’t. As it turns out he does and he shares it with us in his book, “Wisher, Washer, Wishy-Washy.” He has turned his extraordinary life lessons into an easily understood but powerful concept of introspective self evaluation and achievable action. His fictional approach to non-fictional self-help principles places you, the reader, in the story and, therefore, responsible for the ending — your success.




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