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Positive Psyche Newsletter - March 2019

Updated: May 7, 2019

This last month, our team was actively recruiting personnel for the Dept of Education effort down in Jacksonville, FL. Not only did we recruit for our team, but our partner, T-Rex Solutions as they were shorthanded. The personnel chosen will begin in earnest on March 11, expanding our team footprint in the Sunshine State. Additionally, our team identified several resources to support the Census program and are awaiting entry into the clearance process once other priorities within the government are resolved.

In February, we came close to securing our first commercial contract but our potential customer in Louisville, KY received guidance on a new approach from their customer which did not require our services. The exchange, however, was very fruitful and opened up the door for future opportunities downstream.

In terms of great places to work, you should have all received a survey invite. We encourage you to provide feedback (if you have not done so already). We paid an outside firm to get this independent review so we can calibrate our views, and continue to improve where necessary. The email came from (2019 Employee Engagement Survey). The survey needs to be completed by 3/12/2019.

With regard to timekeeping… your pay, our invoicing and our customer compliance with federal programs is at stake. We take these things very seriously, and so do our customers. Kindly ensure that you are completing your timecard accurately, and on-time. Please set up a recurring calendar invite/alert that is maybe 5 minutes in duration to remind you that your timecard must be completed.

In terms of 2019, we have many initiatives on the table. As these pursuits become a reality, we will certainly keep you informed!

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