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Positive Psyche Newsletter - May, 2019

Management Corner

In April, our company was awarded a Government Services Administration (GSA) Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70 contract which we are now proudly displaying at the top of our website. This GSA IT 70 means that we have been vetted by the government and our customers as a qualified supplier of services. The government is moving their purchasing decisions into this government vehicle which enables us to compete with a smaller pool of qualified companies. Many new government contracts will only be available to GSA IT 70 holders. Coupled with this GSA IT 70 award, we are proud to announce that Dr. Nicole Ford-Francis has joined our team in a Business Development/Program Management role. Here is a glimpse into her background.

● Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.): Management of Human Service Organizations (Specialization: Program Management and Bio-Sociology); Master of Education (M.Ed.): Special Education; and Bachelor of Science (B.S.): Biology, Pre-Medicine

● NASA Contract Program Manager and proposal writer for NASA Space Shuttle Education projects, Aeronautics and Research payloads, NASA International Space Station projects, payloads for the NASA Education Department and Human Exploration Opportunities (HEO)

Complementing our expanded team, office expansion is well underway with an anticipated move-in date of 6/1/2019.

Our Jacksonville team working with Maximus for the Department of Education grew along with a few more resources on the US Census 2020 program. Welcome aboard!

Henry David Thoreau said: “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”

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Employee Highlight - William Whichard

Currently, William supports Positive Psyche’s new business development and serves as T-Rex’s Headquarters Facilities Coordinator. In little over one year William’s efforts have resulted in identifying and responding to 10 opportunities via Requests for Information or Requests for Proposal either independently or with T-Rex Solutions, LLC (T-Rex). William was also instrumental in the relocation of the T-Rex headquarters office.

William has supported a variety of Positive Psyche's activities for several of our customers. William was assigned to be the Field Manager/Customer Liaison for the Full-Service Shipping/File Bank Extraction activity, coordinating the extraction of Veteran’s Claims files from three Veterans Benefits Administration Regional Offices. That project team accomplished the removal, cataloging, and transportation of 32,000 boxes of Veteran files, equal to 15% of all veteran claims files. He coordinated and conducted four class cycles of T-Rex’s Office Skills Development Training (OSDT) program. This training was integral to developing T-Rex’s Document Conversion Division, Exact Scanning, and sustaining T-Rex’s Data Entry Operation. That combined workforce was essential to T-Rex’s HUB Zone status. Over thirty participants completed the OSDT training and nearly a dozen became T-Rex employees and three of the successful trainees remain with T-Rex.

William was responsible for The Exact Scanning Project which achieved over $1M in sales in nearly two years. He then assumed management of the College Park Operations Center which peaked at a staff of 29 operators. He continues to manage T-Rex’s Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) document conversion project which activity processes approximately 150,000 case files monthly.


Employee Referral Bonus

Current Positive Psyche Employees who refer candidates for open positions within the organization could be entitled to a referral bonus! There are only a few rules associated with the Referral Bonus Program.

1. Referrals must be accepted and hired by Positive Psyche/Customer

2. The referred employee must work for Positive Psyche for 90 calendar days before the bonus will be paid.

3. Employees (who refer) will not be paid a bonus if they quit without notice or are terminated

4. The bonus amount is based on the Yearly Salary (or equivalent) of the open position.

All Positions excluding Cyber Security Related Positions

$0-$35,000 or Hourly Equivalent $50.00

$35,001-$90,000 or Hourly Equivalent $100.00

$90,000+ or Hourly Equivalent $250.00

Cyber Security Related Positions

Cyber Security Related Positions $500.00


Important Links

Sentric HR - Click Here

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Positive Psyche Employee Portal - Click Here

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